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  • worst I've ever seen

    I had a new client booked today. I should have known when I booked the appointment and gave an estimate it was going to be bad. When I gave the estimate the owner said "Oh it will probably be more they're a mess" What an understatement! The dogs had not been groomed in 2 years I was going to have her take them to the vet to be done when she told me she has been trying to get someone to take her to get them groomed and to the vets (she has some handicaps and can not drive). I ended up only getting one of them clipped down today and will do the other next week (as well as some touch ups on the one I did today). The owner also told me two other groomers had refused to groom them They are very well behave, just seriously neglected when it comes to grooming them. Hopefully I will be able to get her on a regular schedule. I tried to post the pics, but was having trouble resizing them. They are posted on my web page under before and after pics

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    WOW, what a mess!!! I feel bad for the lady, she can't get the dogs groomed because she can't drive. That's got to be a helpless situation for her. Good for you for helping her out. And good for her for being honest about their condition when you gave her an estimate.

    Hey, how do you do that "EEK" emoticon? I don't see it on the list below. Maybe I can type it: =O

    Tammy in Utah
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      That poor dog, and there is another one just like it?! I bet it was so relieved when all that mess came off.

      I also enjoyed your website, especially the page where you do a tribute to a client. What a great idea.

      Tammy the eek face is at the bottom of the icons, you have to go where it says "posting rules", click onto "smiles on" then scroll down to the bottom of that page and the is the last one. Hope that helps.
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        Is carmel one of the neglected ones?


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          Thanks everyone Yes Carmel is the neglected one. She is a sweet dog and gave me kisses when I finally got all that off of her. I'm going back on Monday to groom Carmels son who is just as bad if not worse. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get their mom to put them on a regular schedule with me so this never happens again.

          Pixie, the tribute page was actually my husbands idea. He pretty much set up my entire site, made the logo's and such (I figured out how to edit things, but he still goes in and "tweeks" it LOL). He's so creative.