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My first big challenge - Part 2

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  • My first big challenge - Part 2

    Trixie took me 45 minutes just to get her pelt off before the bath. I was sooo afraid that I'd cut her! I see a couple of glaring thin spots on legs and face. Oh well, did my best!
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    I think you did good. Grooms on dogs in that condition are therapuetic shave downs. You tell the owner they will be naked, not pretty and explain to the owner that the blades have to go UNDER the mats, not through them. Hopefully the owner will keep them on a four-week schedule and you will be able to make them beautiful in the future.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      You did really good Amy! Those were huge challenges. Poor little babies - You know they feel so much better now. And you got mom to rebook - that's AWESOME! You did really, really good!!


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        Thanks! I was glad to be able to keep the topknots, even. Hopefully she (owner) will stick to schedule with me!


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          In the first pic it looks like she is trying to find a way out of there! Bet she was much happier after she was shaved down. Guess she didn't mind staying with you after all.

          Poor things to be in that condition. Breaks my heart when I get those in. Hopefully the owner will keep them coming on a regular basis.
          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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            You did a great job.
            I'm sure that doggy feels a lot better.

            When I see a dog in this condition I am always mad at the owner when I groom the dog.

            Why don't these people buy a minpin instead of a poodle, for Pete's sake!