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  • Rudy the Bichon

    Here is a bichon I did awhile ago. I use this picture sometimes to show clients. I haven't done a lot of them so don't be too critical. I think he's cute though - and SOOOOO nice -
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    So are you asking for critiques? I think he looks beautiful---how do I say this? His body looks a little small for his head? I was going to say his head looks perfect if it were just shrunk a little, but actually I think the head is perfect but the length on the body just needs to be longer, but I'm sure that is client preference.

    I could NEVER do a head like that on a bichon, it's just gorgeous. You did a very nice job! Hope I wasn't too critical, that's not my intention.

    Tammy in Utah
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      Not to critical at all. The body is owner preference - as well as the head. He was done w/ a 0 comb all over - not the traditional bichon. And I'm known for leaving my heads on the fuller side - but thank you very much for your opinion - I really appreciate it!


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        Rudy the Bichon

        He looks great, I agree with Spikey, I can't make the heads turn out that good.



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          Beautiful head. I do a Bichon same body cut with a bigger head. I always want to cut the head shorter of course. The dog looks like he's going to tip over, but the few times I did try to go alittle shorter, the owner said something. Oh well, to each his own I guess. What we say in the shop is, "we don't have to live with it." Nice job


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            I have two bichons also that I have to shave the body, and leave a very large head! Oh, well, if it's what makes the owners happy! I think that you did a wonderful job! Nice scissor work!
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              Beautiful groom.

              I've only done one Bichon and it didn't look like the one you did. Yours is just beautiful, even if the head is a little big. I probably wouldn't have noticed if Spikey hadn't said something about it. Shame on you Spikey!!!
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