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    Got a call at eight this morning.
    This poor dog was a mess.
    THis is the first total Bichon I have done.
    I tried to acchive a more round face.
    His ears were to long and someone had sissored the tops of them.
    The sides of his face were also hollowed out way to much.
    I did the best I could and hope in the next couple of grooms
    we can get there.
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    I think he looks adorable

    The only thing i would suggest doing is shorten the ears to be level with the beard. The ears should disappear into the cheeks ao it becomes one round shape when looking at the face. He will look less poodle and more Bichon with shorter ears.


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      Nice job with what you had to work with. After a few more grooms his face should be about where you want it.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        Mustlove, I know what you're saying is right, but I have a few bichon clients who ask for longer, blunt cut ears. I hate doing it, it looks so much better done correctly. Oh well, what to do? lol


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          I know how that is....

          You just smile and give them what they want. I suggested it because some Bichons look more poodle-like. In one family, Prince is young and very Bichon-looking cuz he is a Bichon. His brother who is much older looks poodley. I cut ears short but not as short as their summer Canada groomer. I just say," Pj, stick close to Prince so people will see your mom and dad own two Bichons."


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            I think you did great
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              here is a link to Bbirds blog page she has a lot of good bichon info a lot


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                Ah! Redbird, now I know who you are, Barbara Bird! Of course it finally hits me. I think the bichon looks great, especially considering what you had to work with. My bichons look nothing like that, even when I have a lot to work with, lol.

                Tammy in Utah
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