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My Attempt at a German Clip

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  • My Attempt at a German Clip

    What do you do when you walk into the shelter and see a dirty little Poodle? Make him extra manly!

    When I first saw Tiny, his ears were long, and his body short. Someone left a ton of hair in the middle of his topknot; even though you can't really see it in the before pic, the comb tells all. His undocked tail had a little curl to it, making a really nice pom impossible. It was that last attribute that convinced me to try a German clip.

    At first I was worried that it wouldn't look right, on account of his body being so short, but a few clipper strokes later, I knew I made a good decision. He was the talk of the kennel. I think his Bichon buddy was a little envious

    Comments? Critiques?
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    He looks like he's ready to go to his forever home. You did a great job on him!
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      He looks like a very nice manly little guy.
      Good job!


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        Good One

        He looks so happy now!


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          He's a stud muffin fer sure!!

          It's telling of how much pride you take in your work, the fact that you were nervous about how a shelter dog would turn out. Usually "clean and short" is the fashion for the poor pound puppies.

          Nice grooming!
          SheilaB from SC


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            He looks great

            You left enough fur for his poodle feet to show a different length. He doesn't look scalped. He also looks happy.


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              He looks so adorable.


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                Thanks everyone!

                Shelia, the way I see it, the cuter the haircut, the faster he goes home. Plus it's great practice for the shop dogs.

                Jen, I just scissored up his body. Whoever groomed him last must've done it in a hurry. He had "sticky-ouuties" all over the place.

                The shelter opens up for adoptions again tomorrow - everyone keep your fingers crossed for him and his Bichon buddy!


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                  Very nice! Suits him well. Why would such a cute ,and sweet little fella end up in a shelter?
                  "Everyone needs something to beleive in..I beleive I need another Poodle"