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Yorkie-He is SOOO CUTE!

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  • Yorkie-He is SOOO CUTE!

    Okay say I may be a little partial, seems how it is my little guy, Peanut. He was READY for his Spring hairdo. He is so light when he is long, but boy underneath he is dark. I will end up taking him down even more for summer, when we are camping & boating, but for now this will do. He was very proud of himself after we were done. His tail should be clipped short too, but I admit I LOVE his "happy flag" and couldn't part with all of it yet. LOL!!


    P.S. his brother Scoop got lucky today, only a brush and toenails, I ran out of time to do them both. I'm sure he will be on guard the rest of the week. Hee hee.
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    wow! I can hardly believe its the same dog! Very cute and a good job too!


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      Wow! I've never seen quite the color transformation. Definitely looks like a different dog. REally nice job.
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        Wow, I would never believe that was the same dog if I didn't know better! Usually yorkies I do are darker underneath, but I don't think that I have ever seen that much of a difference! Beautiful doggie!
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          Very cute by the way how do u do his feet, love them


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            I did two Yorkies today.

            Two good dogs. Maggie is very small, and very good. She wanted her 7F. I did a Schnauzer trim complete with angle on thighs. Stand up ears with Skye terrier tassel ears. If she can take a pic on a digital camera and put up here for me that would be great. The other dog got a 7F strip but I left a cute snap-on comb head. I will call and ask her. I told her she should come to the board and read all Hellys' advice. Also scottie tails video. I tell everyone to go look at them. Soooo cute. I met this nice younger married w/ 2 kids lady on Christmas Eve,at the church service. They invited me to Christmas breakfast. Then she has had me to lunch today and for the two grooms. Paid my fee +10 more. She loves the convenience and how I do them.Such a nice visit. Healthy spinach salad w/ Costco roasted chicken, and veggies on salad. I visited much longer than the two easy grooms......I had the time today.This was the 2nd goom I have done on them.


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              He is really a cutie. Love his flag also. You are sure they are the same dog and you're not just funnin' us?!!!
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                aw that is so cute. That is neat how he is two toned. At first I thought the first pic was a wheat colored cairn.


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                  The words "Cutie patootie" come to mind.

                  Tammy in Utah
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