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    Last Friday, one of my mom's friends asked me to come to her house and do some work on her Golden Doodle puppy, Murray. I asked her to come to the shop, but she works long hours during the day. Luckily, her bathroom is big enough that I was able to set up all my equipment and still be very comfortable.

    Murray was professionally bred by a kennel that also shows Shih Tzus. He is only eight months old, though you probably wouldn't guess from his size. Mama said he should be about 60 lbs. when fully grown. The family really takes good care of his coat; I was rather impressed. He's never been to a groomer, and greeted me with exuberance. Just when I thought I was in for a challenge, Murray was the perfect gentleman! Only hopped out of the tub once, loved the dryer. He was a little nervous when I first put him up on the table, but soon he was standing with confidence.

    I used a 3/4" on his body, 1" on his legs and head. He has a very strange coat growth pattern, in that it's medium long like a Golden's, but has the volume of a Poodle's! There was a natural mohawk on his head, which the family didn't really want. Hm, an idea for Halloween, maybe?

    The total grooming time was about three hours. Not too bad, considering mama stayed with me for most of it, as she was curious to see how it was done and wanted to discuss all the styling options there. The kids and the hubby kept popping in, distracting Murray temporarily. I allowed it, not only because I had nowhere to be and the snow was falling, but also because the kids were a little nervous about the whole thing. Letting them watch for a little bit seemed to really put them at ease.

    Everyone loves Murray's new 'do. He reminds me of a Wheatie with longer ears, or a Spinone. And yes, he does have a tail, but he decided to tuck it when I brought the camera out. Needless to say, I can't wait until his next groom!
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    He looks very nice. What a terrific name for a doodle; Murray. I like that !



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      You did a great job! :0) That is my favorite type of doodle coat to groom. I'm glad a good time was had by all.


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        He has such a sweet face. You did a good job!


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          He looks marvelous very nice job.

          I'm glad he was good for you with all of those people popping in and out.


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            He looks so nice. Great job!


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              I love his eyes!

              He looks great!