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Terry, loks sweet to me...

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  • Terry, loks sweet to me...

    Is the dogs name sailor? Jax is sweet usually. He has manners if you meet him on your turf. He is just a little bully when it comes to food. He tried to steal travelers' dinner last nite. I got him with my foot, not hard. I put him out and closed the dog door. He also got into the garbage one nite last week. He is getting to be a bad little piggy.I don't know why you mentioned me, maybe cuz I like to know blades used and dog names? Thanks anyway.Right now he is in the back bathroom w/ gate across the door yelping for my attention, relentlessly. He is spoiled? Need a little tv relaxation before bed.10:28PM already.Now Halle is woooo wooooing for me too.OKay already....I'm comin.Who Da Boss?

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    ...Yes, I mentioned you because you like to know the name of the dog and what blades were used! Yes, that little girl is named Sailor - she came from Key West originally - so I guess that is why?!