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    So today I had a 12yo apricot standard come in. I've never groomed her before, and we haven't seen her since 2007. She's been going to another place but couldn't get in. When I felt her during check-in I expected the worst. But luckily I was able to salvage her, -without- dematting. We have a new Master Blaster HV dryer that did the majority of the work, and then light brushing did the rest!

    Her topknot sucks b/c her hair is really limp. I didn't have any Thick N Thicker spray either, so I had to make do.

    I know I have to work on my hand scissoring but I adore doing standard poodles. I just wish they didn't take me so dang long!
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    shes a gorgeous color. She looks nice!


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      Great job!

      You did wonderfully, the owners are very lucky!

      I am not a Poodle expert, but isn't she a red?? (Not apricot) Maybe some Poodle aficionados can tell us.


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        She looks very nice. Good job.


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          The owners said apricot, so I'm not sure. She definitely is a deeper color than the other apricots I do, so it's certainly possible!


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            You did a great job on her.

            I would call her an apricot. She's actually a true apricot. Her color is even thru out her coat. Most that are referred to apricots (little tinge on the ears) are not true apricots. More of a cream color with tinges of darker ears.

            Red is a deeper, darker color.


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              What a very pretty dog! You did a nice job!


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                She looks great! Wow, don't ya hate those dead topnots? Maybe you could glue her topnot to stand-up? Just kidding. Hehaw. You did great in my book!