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One of my all time fave B & A.

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  • One of my all time fave B & A.

    This little one is a 5 month (i think) toy poodle puppy. This was her first groom ever and she was a angle for the whole thing. The first pic is after I bathed and fluffed her. She also has her clean feet done. I love this pic because shes yawning but she looks like she wants to kill me! She came out a bit choppy because of her floppy puppy coat but still think shes adorable!
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    Puppy poodle fur is a devil to deal with, but it looks like you did a good job.


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      Adorable! I just want to pick her up!!


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        Toy poodle puppies are SO ADORABLE!!!!


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          Awwww - Precious!! I groomed a 10 wk old red toy today...OMG, she was the cutest thing ever! You did a nice job on her groom. Their coats are a tad devlish aren't they...She sure is adorable. I didn't wanna stop snugglin' that lil' pup I did today - Golly she was just about the cutest thing I'd ever seen - Wish I had taken pictures!!!


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            She looks so cute!! Can't tell if she is choppy or not, doesn't show up on black puppy pictures.

            She does look like she is after you on that first pic. so cute.
            "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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              She is so adorable
              Never gonna know if you never even try