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  • Another Shelter Dog Makeover

    Today at the shelter I groomed a BADLY matted Schnauzer mix. She is still on the animal control side, so I don't know her name (I'm a volunteer) or any info about her, except that she was a stray.. It took us 5 hours total to demat her. I groomed a matted Shiztu right before her, so I was already pretty tired. She has a sweet temper, and is extra adorable.

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    I do a lot of Humane Society dogs, I would not have put a dog through 5 hours of dematting. If she was that bad, I would have ended it with a #7F or #10 resulting in a one hour groom job, less traumatic to the dog........and groomer !! Just remember, these dogs were usually out on the street trying to survive, God knows how long, then some big guy lasso's them around their neck and placed in a strange truck, carted off to a more than strange place called the "pound" where he is assaulted with numerous staff poking and prodding his body accompanied with a high noise level of other barking dogs in a cold, cement cage, then this sweet groomer demats for 5 hours........

    Happy Shave-downs

    Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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      I would think that shaving the dog down would be a neater, kinder thing to do as well. I mean, many owners keep their dog shaved down all the time and if they are short they are what people are used to seeing.

      Personally I will not spend more than 30 minutes dematting anything and I can demat anything. If it doesn't come out easily it comes off.
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        That looks so cute! You did a good job.


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          The matting was so thick, my brand new clippers would not go through. Her nails looked like eagle claws poking through a "cast" of mats. She was in horrible condition.. Believe me, I tried to get through the mats with the clippers for over an hour. The picture I posted was during mid-groom. The Vet-Tech at the shelter groomed her for two hours, and then gave her an hour long brake. Then I started on her.

          I am guessing that she has had poor coat care her entire life, and she is atleast 2-4 yrs old. Those mats had been there for months.. The animal control officers said that she would be a cruelty case, but.. they didn't know who to blame.

          I didn't cause her any pain during the groom. Though her skin was badly irritated under the mats..

          She didn't even know what to do without all those mats. It was like a whole new world to her. Also, while on her potty break during the groom, a nice lady came up to us. She LOVED this pup, even with still some matting left. Hopefully, this dog has a wonderful new home where she will be cherished and taken care of for the rest of her life.

          I feel so blessed to be helping homeless pets find loving homes. It truly is a wonderful feeling.


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            I also would like to add that I tried to use my ten blade to do a shave down. It did not work..


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              Take a tip from me. I have never spent that long on any dog and I have seen some doozies. BATHE THE DOG then shave them wet, even if they are that matted. The reason they are taking you that long is likely because they are dirty and the blade cannot cut through dirt. PLLUS you need to get under the mats, not go through them. Shavedowns can be just as hard as a scissor cut done for show. go to my blog and read up on wetclipping. Then put it into practice. I also tend to use my Speed Feed cordless to strip dogs that are severely matted.

              WHen I started in GA I worked in a vet clinic in a town that didnt have a groomer. The closest groomer was over an hour away and only did small dogs. I got my fair share of dogs that were in hgorrid condition and found out quite by accident that shaving them wet, after bathing made it go so much easier and faster and safer plus better on the equipment.

              Also, if you cannot ge the clipper under the mats, split them with a blunt tip pair of shears. That gives you a starting point.
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                Thanks for the tips

                I will be sure to use them in future grooms.


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                  What kind of clippers are you using? I very rarely ever have a dog that a #10 wont go through, (esp. a Schnauzer) and than it''s not the whole dog, just certain areas, like inside back legs, or armpits. In 17 years I have had some of the most disgusting messes, but we all have.

                  I agree dematting that dog was not the best idea, but "live and learn". unfortunatly the skin irritation was probably from dematting, and was brush irritation (I hate to call it "brush burn") along with whatever the matts caused.

                  Keep up the good volunteer work, and helping those unwanted babies.
                  If you sweat the small stuff, all you have is small soggy stuff.....


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                    Wet Shave!!

                    I had a Cocker this week, was so matted I couldn't get my 7 or even my 10 to do anything. I used my foot blade to break up the matts then put her in the tub and did a wet shave with a 7f. Am glad I did, I found steel wool incased in the mats. I can imagine the pain she would have felt, if I had contuined to try and shave her down before the bath. Plus, I don't think any blade could get thru steel wool,,,lol


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                      I hadn't heard of wet shaving until just recently. Parti's website is very helpful. This forum is great, and I have learned so much from it.

                      Yep, live and learn. Though, I'll be better prepared for next time.

                      I feel very privileged and honored to be helping homeless pets. It benefits both the animals and myself. It is a huge plus when the dog that I groomed gets adopted the very next day.