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  • Here is Teddy

    This poor little guy was so matted I had a heck of a time getting a 30 through him. His skin was pulled so tight into the mats he waled away with at least 5 nicks from the blade. he even got one on his bum. I had to put quick stop on that one. OUCH. I know that had to hurt.
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    If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!

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    Awww...poor baby! That breaks my heart, he looks exhausted in the after pic. Hopefully he won't get in that bad of shape again. Cute lil' guy.


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      Before looks like me when I wake up.

      The before looks like me when I wake up.....Hair stickin up, and the weight not off yet, second day of cleanse...tomorrow all food groups in small amounts compared to my usual habits. So much water..could never be hungry; but That never stopped me before. I thuinbk the 2 lites snack bars will be nice.I bet he felt like he lost 20 pounds.