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I am the incompetant groomer this week

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  • I am the incompetant groomer this week

    Here is Rocky. This little bugger would not hold still and his face and head and ears are crooked. I am so glad it is friday. Oh, I could not get him to close his mouth for a pic or grooming!
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    looks "good enough for government work" to me! Hey, I think it looks like most of the dogs I turn out, so I got nothing to say but "looks good!"


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      LOL, Fur Elite.

      Well, the dog looks fine to me, but from what I can see I *might* take a little more off the head, and blend that hair that hangs over the top of the ears. I can't see the face well, but I just know that if the body is going to be short, the head should be pretty darn tight too. Unless the owner requests otherwise, of course. Love them "basketball head" requests. Not.

      Tammy in Utah
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        I bet he passed muster w/his owners. I had a "good enough" shih mix yesterday that drives me kookoo's! I groom Dixie about 3x a yr (I have tried to talk them into more!) and she just knows how to tweak my Like your little guy she won't hold still for the face, she screams for the legs (which I end up scissoring mostly except when she is matted), and she flops like a fish when she gets her bath. What kills me is that she is so adorable and sweet and innocent off of the table. The owners just look at me like I am crazy when I do my "disclamer" bit for why she is not "perfect". Oh well, they keep bringing her back to me so they must not be too unhappy.
        SheilaB from SC


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          He looks like he got a little tude in both pictures

          A lot of those shitzu's are so cute, bouncy and playful but as soon as you try to get near those faces watch out. I had one a couple of weeks ago that did a back flip in the tub trying to get away from me washing his face.

          Two seconds later his all kissing you and wagging his tail. Not that he was bad, but no tolerance for anything near his head.

          The way I see it is hey it's more important that they still have both eyes intact when they leave.

          When they start flinging the head around even in the GH it's time to stop, their just way too stressed out. Most understand and few go can't you get it a little neater. Then when you show them what happens they understand too.


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            It sure seems like all the "good enough" dogs at my shop are shihtzus!
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              Originally posted by DAPER DAWG View Post

              The way I see it is hey it's more important that they still have both eyes intact when they leave.
              I said these exact words to a new poodle puppy client last week. It was his 2nd groom with me and he of course was still wild willy. So no near perfect clips for him until he settles down some. She was totally understanding as most clients are. As she walked out the door she said, awww - we're country folk, we don't know what a real poodle is supposed to look like anyway. She cracked me up and I love her sense of humor! I think your Tzu diamie is a cutie!!