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Elsie the old and almost blind Schnauzer

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  • Elsie the old and almost blind Schnauzer

    The last time I did this dog, most of her body got done with a 30 including her face becuase she was so matted. She is growing back, but patchy. After I got home and looked a the pics I saw I screwed up her face. but feel free to offer helpful suggestions. The little guy in the backround is her brother Elden.
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    Nice Groom Diamie!!

    Awww...She's cute!! I really like the Schnauzer's that come into my shop. I think you did a good job. She looked frightful in the before pic, hardly looks like the same dog in the after pic. So pat yourself on the back girl - You did GOOD!!


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      It looks like there is hair on the inside of the ears, particularly the dog's left ear, but that could be the photo. I will often use a #10 on the outside of the ear and a #40 on the inside (with a light touch).

      The one other thing I noticed is that there is hair sticking out beside the eyes. Imagine the face being a brick. ANYTHING sticking outside of the lines of that "brick" comes off. I use thinning shears to get that off.

      I feel bad the poor guy was so matted last time, looks like he grew back fine, lol.

      Tammy in Utah
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        Exactly what I would have said. Exactly

        Yes, trim the corners of the eyes w/ thinninbg shears, as Spikey said., I do it that way too. As for her bro...well, he wanted to be in the pic too. I also take fur on chest close w/ 7F CV down or up, as long as skin is tight. Body
        7F to where leg starts.I do reverse 7Fs on lots and all Schn unless

        otherwise directed. Wouldn't it be fun to have a once -a-year petgroomer reunion party................. a petgrooomer forum party. But it has to meet in Mesa, Az.hahaha. I don't fly. I don't drive lng I asking too much? I can't do paragraphs. Sorry.