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Billy- the shih tzu from the past

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  • Billy- the shih tzu from the past

    Awhile ago I posted about Billy the Shih Tzu who's eyes were green with puss, and who was very listless. I did eventually groom him, and did get her to rebook every 8 weeks. Last time I went he had to be shaved with a #7 because he was a was just a bath (which I am doing for her at 1/2 what I usually charge, just to help her out a little, and keep the poor boy half way decent). The dog smells awful...He smells like he sleeps in his excrement, and might. I've tried Grimenator as well as a vinegar rinse, but he still has a bad smell to him. I tell her each time that if she ever needs a home for him, i'd take him. Doesn't he look sad?
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    don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.

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    He does look sad. Do you think he's an outdoor dog? He looks very nice in your "after photo" that's for sure. Poor thing, I wish she'd give him to you.

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      Nice finish... and Yes he does have a look of sadness. I felt like give him a hug... Is there a reason you think the owner is looking for a home for him ..Just wondering why you said if he needs a home?? it is nice of you to give her $$ off, you sound like me we groom with our hearts.


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        so so sad

        Oh my gosh Furry, he is so sad and precious. Just breaks my heart...He is lucky to have you care for him and I don't blame you for wanting to rescue him! You're a sweetheart for giving her the break on price, hopefully his owner will keep bringing him in on time for grooming. I have no good advice for the smell, looks like you've tried everything I would have. Do you think she'll ever give him up? I'll keep my fingers crossed.


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          tzu-crazy- to answer your question

          I wish this woman was looking for a home for Billy, but she's not. I feel bad for the dog because of the condition it lives in. The woman really does love the dog as far as I can tell. I believe she man be mentally ill and has an autistic daughter as well. I really don't think she knows better, but does try to follow my instructions. The house is very dirty and smells terrible...its a sad situation. I just let her know that if for some reasonshe can't keep him I'd take him in a second. He actually played with me for a little while the other day after I groomed him. I've never seen him look happy before.
          don't find yourself up a creek without a poodle.


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            Awww he does look so sad. I really feel bad for him. I'm wondering how old is her autistic daughter? If she's young I'm thinking you should call some kind of social services. Not to ruin this ladies life but maybe they can help. I don't feel any child or animal should live in filth.