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  • Dinky

    I forgot to take before pictures of Dinky...but I think he turned out cute.

    I did a 5/8 blade a/o, pom head/tail, cln ft, mustache. Nails left untrimmed per owners request ; )
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    Two more pictures of Dinky...

    All feedback welcomed!
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      I groom so many poos where the owner wants the mustache/beard. It gives them a whole new look I think (which is the point I guess). He looks so fluffy and happy - bows and a bandana! Cute groom Carla!


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        I think you did a nice job, and the profile of the topknot shows you did a very nice job---no snow-cone heads! lol

        Really it looks nice, no advice here. I do want to know why they didn't want the nails clipped. I had some owners say that about their yorkie, so that the dog could climb the couch, etc. with ease, but I informed him that long nails were not a good thing for dogs, and he followed my advice. Wondering what the reasons were for this owner.

        Tammy in Utah
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          Dinky is a little devil....cute as all get out...but can't stand still to save his life. I tried to get a full on view of his face, as the mustache does give them a distinctive look. I ended up with about 10 blurred pictures to delete instead. Little turd!!

          Again, thanks for the positive feedback!

          I think his owner was trying to save herself $$ by doing nails herself...who knows...I just do as I'm told!


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            Too cute! I had to take before and after pics for my grooming training at petsomething and I had a young yorki shave down that was positively precious! Luckily my camera was digital, because every time I looked at the pic I took, his tongue was sticking out! I took at least 10 pictures of his tongue sticking out . I must have hit the wrong timing. When my camera was resetting iteslf, he stood still and when I took the picture, he licked. I've got a great one somewhere of him looking at me, eyes closed and huge tongue right up the nose!


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              Very nice job. I like a little mustache gives them a whole different look.