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  • Kipper the schnauzer

    This is Kipper. He is a good boy. I am trying to start a pattern on him. I had to take his legs short the first time they were matted. I could use some advice on him too.
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    He's a cutie!! For me, Schnauzer legs are hard to trim when they're so short. You did good with what you had to work with. I don't usually cut their beard like that, but I am DEFINITELY not an expert. He looks like a happy little doggy - I love all my schnauzers that come in!


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      When his leg fur (furnishings) get fuller, let his deep chst fur grow too. not a bib , lower . He looks cute for the hot weather whenever that comes for you. Face good. Clean inside of ear flaps good unless #40 irritates skin. Too bad he has funny ears.Ya know what I always say to my dogs after they are finished? "Now you look like somebody loves you."! That is what is important. They look good and feel good and SMELL good.


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          Diamie, great looking collar cover!! Helly will be proud of you.


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            Originally posted by Terry View Post
            Diamie, great looking collar cover!! Helly will be proud of you.

            LOL, I was staring so intently at the face, I hadn't even noticed the collar cover. It's darling! Helly WILL be proud!

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              I had to go back and look at his before pic, hadn't really paid much attention to it. Golly he looks like me when I get up in the mornings, hair sticking out in all directions! lol

              Nice grooming.
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