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  • Gizmo

    This dog is wonderful. But I can't get rid of all the stains on his face.
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    They need to try: Eye Envy, Angels Eyes, or angels glow---all of these, I believe, work from the INSIDE of the dog to relieve tearstains on the outside. Google one of the above, and see if it's something the owner might be interested in. They'll be grateful that you thought of them and went through the trouble to find this for them.

    Tammy in Utah
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      For me what worked the best and was changing my Tzu diet she is on Royal Canin Tzu diet. (I tried eye envy and angel eyes, not real happy with em) All her eye stains and mouth stains are growing out and I am nipping off the bottom as it grows. Slow going but it works!!


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          It looks like he chews or licks on his feet has well from the staining. One of my customers has a Poodle w/bad staining on her eyes and around the mouth. The vet put her on Tetracycline and it cleared the staining right up. I had never heard of this treatment before for staining. Unfortunately shortly after they took her off the meds the stains came back. The owner chooses to live w/the stains instead of keeping her on antibiotics (who can blame him). BTW they did try some of the washes at home, but nothing was that effective. I have heard that putting a thin smear of vasaline under the eyes can be effective. It keeps the tears from setting in. Of course there is the side effect of a greasy face if too much is anyone else heard of doing this?
          SheilaB from SC


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            I really don't think these people care. They are all worried about their own appearance, but not really the dog. I just feel bad. He does not have bad eye boogers, just lots of tear and face and feet stain.
            Where do you get Royal Canin?
            If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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              You can get Royal Canin at any pet place that sell foods, not a grocery. Sheila the probable reason it was put on antibiotics was because, this is what my vet said to me was because there is bactieria that grows in and around the tear duct to cause it to turn reddish or brownish,this bact. thrives on the seepage from the eyes. I went to the vet first to see what the deal was with my Ruby's eyes, she gave me that option, or change diet. I changed her diet and wallah no more tear stains, also helps with some of the mouth stains. Lisa I know what you mean about the crustyness around some dogs eyes what the hell can't the owners see that, do they even look at there dog? When I am out and see some one dogs with that goop in thier eyes I ask if i can pet thier dog a try to wipe some of that goop away ,I do it to my family and friends dogs too, it drives me nuts!! And my friends and fam think I am nuts. LOL


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                I also had this problem with a couple of my Shih Tzus, We switched them to Solid Gold Food Hunedflucken (lamb meat) and it did the trick. FYI eye envy works well and is topical so it works from the outside. I carry it in my shop and I have several customers that swear by it. If they would just put the dog on high quality food half the problems would probably go away
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                  My understanding

                  Is the Angels Glo has a tiny bit of anti biotic. Makes me wonder about the health situation. Food allergy could be the problem, also could be related to other allergies such as grass, carpet cleaner.

                  A really big time handler said to put 1/2 to whole Tablespoon apple cider vinegar in the water or in the dogs food and it would clear it up. I've begged some of my clients to try it, but nope, no one has yet.

                  Very interesting about Royal Canin though.
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                    Pampered is correct a vet visit would be in order.

                    In the case the vet cannot resolve the issue, and the owners don't "get" the change of diet thing---the point of the other treatments (Angel's Glow, etc) is that they treat the dog from the inside out. It is sprinkled over their food and as the dog's hair grows/gets clipped, the new hair does not get stained. This is certainly a band-aid to the original problem, but when there is no solution, at least you can improve the look, as I've seen some serious stains---one dog had the most purple butt I've ever seen, along with his feet and face, LOL. They tried EVERYTHING and spent SO much money on that dog, but to no avail. Not even a diet change worked with that boy.

                    Tammy in Utah
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                      I discussed with my vet the angel eye and angels glow products, as I was not comfortable recommending a product unless I had a) used it myself, or b) had my vet check it out... they contain a macrolide antibiotic.. Tylosin, and according to the good Dr., giving an antibiotic to a dog on a daily basis is a very bad idea. The premise is the staining is caused by a red yeast, and the antibiotic kills it. I realize you only give it daily for a certain amount of time, but both recomend it be given continuously a couple times a week after the initial period. Things I've found that will cause the staining as well are:

                      1. Iron content in water. A big problem where I live.... switch to bottled.

                      2. protein content in food. A 'hi protein food will cause staining, and by the way, isn't necessary for a dog.. they can only digest around 21% at the most.. the rest ferments in the intestine and causes gas.... lower it.

                      3. dyes in food.

                      4. Iron in recycled or reclaimed water used in sprinkler systems.... this one's tough to avoid, and also a big problem where I live.

                      What's stained already is stained... and I haven't found a safe product in 30 years that will remove it. I have been told, though I've never tried it, that putting a little vaseline under the eye lets the tearing roll off the hair and prevents it from staining.

                      I also have a good friend who raises and shows Westies, and she gives her dogs a Tums every day.... she never has a staining problem, and lives in my area. It has to do with altering the PH in their system... works for her, and doesn't hurt the dogs any..... just some thoughts..



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                        My mini poodle had horrible tear stains, angewls glow I will swear by it. I sell it to my customers also.


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                          I have a beagle that as she has gotten older has started getting some eye stains...well not really because she doesn't have much's very easy to wipe away, I just don't llike to be wiping away brown stains. We sell Angel Eyes at work, but it's awful expensive so I haven't tried it yet.
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                              Who Doesn't know A Shih Tzu Named Gizmo?

                              I cut w/ small scissors those tiny brown strands that make up a few thick ones. also inside areas of mouth by lips and salivary glands. He has to sit still.Also eyes. Not to scoop fur...just brown near corners of eye. Usually stinky eyes,this breed.Hard to clean. Sure is. Maybe there is only one Gizmo that moves from town to town,like fruit cake theory.....Or am I the fruitcake?I went to bed at 11PM with full intention of a good nights sleep. Woke up i:20AM, thought it was 3AM now it really is 3:40AM. Chocolate cake not a good idea before bed. Too late for Lunesta. Dogs tomorrow start at 10AM. Maybe hot milk will help w/ touch of Ovaltine for flavor.Insomnia is awful!