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What should I be doing with her coat?

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  • What should I be doing with her coat?

    This is Mysti a Husky mixed with either Shepherd, Chow, Akita or Border Collie.

    You probably can't make it out from the pic, but she has a really plushy coat. When I first got her she had a rusty tint to her fur and she was all scruffy with hair going in every direction. She was feral for a good chunk of her life and so we've been helping her turn back into a dog. We know she was owned and trained at one point, but no clue how long ago that was. We do know no one used a brush on her because she almost jumped out of her skin when I first used a soft brush on her back.

    Here is a pic of her in her full winter coat last year.

    I've never owned a dog with this kind of coat before, so sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.

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    Bathing with shed shampoo and conditioner. Coat king, slicker or t- brush and a comb. That San easy maintenance coat aside from shedding


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      I use a shedding blade on that type of coat. It looks like a horse curry comb. Really pulls out the undercoat-that's the soft, brown stuff you see. Then, a good slicker brush and comb. Looks like an easy coat to maintain. Pretty dog.
      Old groomers never die, they just go at a slower clip.

      Groom on!!!