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Wisconsin Pet Spa - Instructional Grooming Videos on You Tube

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  • Wisconsin Pet Spa - Instructional Grooming Videos on You Tube

    Wisconsin Pet Spa has just launched and will be posting new videos all the time for those of you who are interested in learning how to safely groom your pets at home! The owner is a certified dog groomer and has been grooming since 2000. She has attended 3 grooming schools, is certified in pet first aid, pet cpr and has competed in the grooming ring. Check out the videos and subscribe to be notified of the latest uploads!

    Here are some videos that were recently posted:

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    Tell me why she's promoting grooming dogs at home? Isn't she kind of shooting herself in the foot that way? What about her business?
    I glanced at the videos, they're fine, but how many pet owners own a raised tub and an HV dryer? And I also noticed that the dogs on the videos are extremely well behaved.
    The great majority of dogs I groom would never stand that still to be groomed! (most are only groomed every 2-3 months).


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      I am posting these videos so people out in the world, who love their dogs and cannot afford to have then groomed every 3 to 4 weeks, can do it at home. I am not concerned about my business, I am only concerned about the dogs out there who become matted or need to be shaved in a #10 or a #15 everytime because their parents cannot afford the grooming. Yes, I have all the equipment needed that most do not but if someone spends the money and learns to groom their pet at home, they will not only end up saving money on their pets grooming but they will also gain a closer bond with their pet. I am sure there are many groomers out there who have seen the dogs who come in with injuries from their parents due to uneducated people attempting to remove matts or keep up on the toe nails in between grooms. If the parents knew how to safely do it, their dogs would not become injured and I think we can all agree that when it comes to this profession, safety is number one and after all, isn't the reason why we do this, because we love the animals in the first place?


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        I also wanted to add one thing. The reason my dogs stand so well is because I train them to be behave. If you watch the introduction video, I talk about training each dog and how I go about doing this. Every dog should enjoy being groomed and should learn that it is a wonderful thing and that they deserve to feel good and look forward to the grooming process. maybe it is just me but that is how I see it. And just to point out, a large majority of the dogs I groom came to me as difficult dogs who other groomers had turned away. I have worked with these dogs for years and they are now well behaved and enjoy the grooming I give them. I truly believe that is how it should be!