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    Well, i have a new set of Andis AGP clippers and a #40 and a #10 blade. I need to get a few more blades and some guides, but i am wondering if there is a DVD that shows you how to use clippers. I have a Chinese Crested Powder Puff and she gets a pet clip (the Crested people call it a pony clip-where she is shaved shorter but the crest, plume and socks are left longer as if she was a hairless crested). But i had the groomer do the first clip, and i was wondering if i can learn to do it myself. I clip her Sanitary areas, her paw pads, and i keep her face shaved short with a Wahl beard trimmer. I have looked all over for a dvd that is just about how to use the clippers to clip, but have not seen much. I like the free Jodi Murphy DVDs i got, but i saw on her site, everything is breed related. ( except for her puppy clip dvd.) and i'm not sure what that covers. Does anyone recommend a good instructional DVD for me?

    hop phap hoa lanh su

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    There are lots of aspects of clipping that are dangerous, and I firmly believe that no one should learn to groom without the guidance of a professional. The best source would be your breeder, assuming you purchased from an ethical and reputable one. Barring that, perhaps you could contact reputable groomers in your area and offer to pay them for grooming instruction? Keep in mind that a tutoring session will need to be more expensive than regular grooming, since it takes longer and carries a higher risk for the shop owner.

    There are things that can be learned through videos, like languages, crafts, simple home repairs, etc; and then there are things that should be conducted under the supervision of a trained professional.


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      I agree totally with Plaid. Not to discourage you though! I think it's great you want to take responsibility of grooming your own dog. Since your dog is (I'm assuming) a puppy and only had one haircut at the groomer's, I would continue to let the groomer do the haircut for the first few times. Take your dog often for just baths as well. That way, she can get used to the whole process and learn to stand still and calm to be groomed. Once your dog is well acclimated, you can begin to find someone who would be willing to show you how to use your clippers properly and safely. Be prepared to compensate them for their time, and be up front about what you are looking to learn and get out of it. You don't want to offend them or waste their time. And if you are lucky enough to find a good groomer willing to teach you how to groom YOUR dog, just remember that that does not mean you can just go clip your friend's dog down the street and it will be the same.


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        I wouldn't use an A5 clipper with detachable blades at all on a crested for a pony cut, especially without instruction.

        A Wahl 5 in 1 clipper would be a much better option. It's a finer blade, smaller, less room for error and you can switch between a 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40 with just a flick and no blade change. Your breeder should be able to show you, or ask around the breed club if they do grooming seminars.