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Over 300 Dogs Seized - Tampa - Trish's Grooming

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  • Over 300 Dogs Seized - Tampa - Trish's Grooming

    Sign says Trish's Pet Grooming
    As many as 30 dogs were in a cage for 1 or 2 dogs.

    More than 300 sickly and malnourished dogs are being pulled this week from a Tampa breeding operation on a property owned by a woman who courts banned from owning dogs eight years ago.

    Hillsborough County officials continued to removed dogs yesterday from the property owned by Alice Holt and known over the years as Toyland Pet Resort, Trish’s Pet Grooming and Trish’s All Breeds.

    Both Holt and Robert Royers, listed as the business owner, were under court-ordered bans prohibiting them from owning dogs, according to news reports.

    In 2011, a judge ordered 450 dogs removed from the same facility.

    This week, county officials found 340 dogs living in filthy conditions and cramped in cages.

    The business “is effectively shut down,” said Scott Trebatoski, director of the county Pet Resources Center.

    “This is quite a big operation for us, he added. “This is like an emergency operation.”

    At a news conference Monday, Trebatoski said county workers found as many as 30 dogs in cages meant for just one or two. Dogs were stained with urine and feces. Some had lost most of their teeth.

    One puppy was found dead, a handful are in critical condition and several dozen needed urgent care.

    The animal seizure started Monday and will take until mid-week to complete. It is considered one of the largest in Hillsborough County history.

    Nearly all of the dogs — mostly small breeds like poodles, Maltese, Shih Tzus and terriers — will be cared for at a county center for animals involved in ongoing investigations.

    It will be at least 30 days before the dogs that were seized can be adopted, to allow time for an appeal of the action, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

    The county is waving adoption fees on the estimated 300 dogs already housed at the Pet Resources Center on Falkenburg Road and is working with other animal shelters and rescue groups to help reduce the center’s population so they are able to take in the seized dogs.
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