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Dog Nose Accidentally Cutoff During Groom (partially according to other articles)

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  • Dog Nose Accidentally Cutoff During Groom (partially according to other articles)

    Note the comment about the cost, arm and a leg comment.

    pet dog’s nose was accidentally cut off during a grooming session at a center in Chester, Virginia.

    Speaking to CBS-affiliated television station WTVR on Tuesday, Victoria Lawhorne, the dog’s owner, said the incident took place at the Petsmart on Jefferson Davis Highway on July 30. Lawhorne said she rushed to a pet hospital after receiving a call that her dog received a cut during grooming.

    “They called me and said my dog was rushed to the vet because he had got cut. They said he was moving a tiny bit too much and accidentally cut his nose,” she said.

    She met the employees of the grooming center at the hospital who told her that "because they charge an arm and a leg here, we’re going to go to another vet and see what they say.”

    “A piece of his nose was kind of missing and open up and like and you could see meat inside and blood. It was kind of like gross and nasty. I didn’t even want to look at it because it gave me chill bumps," she said, adding that the dog, named Osito, was then taken to another hospital.............
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