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The Puppy Man - New Beloit Salon

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  • The Puppy Man - New Beloit Salon

    BELOIT - They call him "the puppy man."

    Thanks to lots of Facebook video footage of pet grooming, Everett Rogers is highly recognized around town. When he and Jessica Lamb opened Power Paws Pet Salon, 1917 St. Lawrence Ave., in March in the former home of Scrub A Pup Laundromutt, they decided to make pet owners feel more comfortable. They set up a camera and broadcast the grooming in real time.

    "Owners can watch from home as we groom," Lamb said.

    "All of these dogs love me," Rogers said.

    The couple said many people watch from home and write in comments on how to better groom, which is fine with them. Making their customers comfortable has resulted in many sharings of the videos online and increased business and notoriety. They are up to more than 300 customers, many with multiple dogs.

    The couple said they encourage pet owners to come see the brushing and scrubbing live in person.

    "We build a lot of relationships with that. Everyone treats their pets like their babies," Rogers added.

    The new business offers grooming, baths, nail trimming, de-shedding, daycare and dog walking. It will also pick up pets in need of a lift to the groomer.

    In the future, the couple hopes to add mobile grooming and dog training to their many services.

    Lamb, a 2001 Beloit Memorial High School graduate, said she grew up grooming many pets, including horses. Rogers, who grew up in Chicago, usually had cats but loved all his furry friends.

    Rogers, who is currently a locksmith, has worked a variety of jobs in factories and stores along with Lamb. Although they honed many skills in their varied work lives, they wanted to own their own business and do it with animals.

    After much study, the two took the risk to open their new business. They remodeled and painted the space to give it a fresh look. Because it was a turnkey operation, they were able to secure many of the Scrub A Pup Laundromutt customers. By expanding services to include larger dogs, they found even more pets to take on as customers.

    "A lot of people like the smaller and more personal feel with this grooming shop," Rogers said. "Everybody's been talking and spreading the word."

    Although the couple said opening their own business was a risk, they are glad they did it.

    "With the support of the community. It shows me there is a lot more to offer," Rogers said.
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