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Groomer Worried About City Water Failure System Would do to Her Business

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  • Groomer Worried About City Water Failure System Would do to Her Business

    This follows a new report that the facility could fail at any moment. Wichita's director of public works made those statements. In his report, the public works director says the aging water treatment facility keeps him up at night and every hour it is running, it could fail.

    For Tori Thrash, owner of All About Dogs Pet Grooming in Wichita's Delano District, the water treatment plant's failure would mean no business for her.

    "We wash all of the dogs and then half of my clientele are wash only," she says, explaining the importance of a dependable water supply for her business.

    Thrash says she was surprised to learn with no backup built in, a complete failure at the city's water treatment facility would mean no running water, no just for her, but for hundreds of thousands of people who rely on it.

    "It'd be horrible," she says. "I couldn't do anything here. I couldn't wash the dogs. I couldn't do anything."...............
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    I would be too. But what can she do, that is a local issue and a big one. Building a second plant would be many millions. Just something to live with.