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Pet Groomers Plead Guilty

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  • Pet Groomers Plead Guilty

    A pet groomer accused in 2018 of hoarding 36 pets at a squalid Chico-area house and her residence in Lewis County avoided jail time and a felony conviction and can continue working, but is now prohibited from possessing more than one dog and cat.

    Cherilyn M. Wilson, 68, pleaded guilty last month to three misdemeanor animal cruelty charges in Kitsap County District Court for the animals in the Chico house.

    She also faced a felony charge in Lewis County, but in May pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

    The Lewis County charges, filed after the Kitsap County charges, started when investigators there went to Wilson’s Winlock residence and found a pony that was found suffering from extreme neglect. The pony was euthanized.

    Wilson’s husband, Roy I. Wilson, 92, had also faced the felony charge in Lewis County but like his wife pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty. .............
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    So they can still own one pet, but two would make a difference? Like the more pets they own the more likely to be offensive. Certainly with too many but OMG my heart goes out with the one lonely one and that is hardly any assurance of its safety and comfort.