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Groomer Facing Cruelty Charges Receives Conditional Sentence

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  • Groomer Facing Cruelty Charges Receives Conditional Sentence

    KAMLOOPS — A former Kamloops pet groomer who admitted to hitting her customer’s dog out of frustration has been handed a two-month conditional sentence order by a Kamloops provincial court judge.

    Nelda Stocking, 64, was the owner and groomer of A.B.C. Pet Grooming for roughly 20 years in Aberdeen. The business was recently sold to a different owner with no affiliation or connection to Stocking.

    Stocking pleaded guilty to one count of causing unnecessary pain or suffering to an animal on March 7 — the day her trial was set to begin.

    Stocking’s lawyer Daniel McNamee describes his client as an "animal-lover" and says Stocking was grooming a difficult dog on Feb. 2, 2018, that caused her to get frustrated, leading to the charge.

    “The dog had bit Ms. Stocking as she was trying to groom it,” McNamee said in court yesterday, July 18. “I understand… from Ms. Stocking that the dog had actually drawn a small amount of blood in biting Ms. Stocking.”

    Crown prosecutor Alexandra Janse says the dog was a ten-pound 16-year-old Papillion-poodle mix owned by complainant Darren Bergeron.

    Bergeron had dropped off his dog, Bailey, at A.B.C. Pet Grooming last February 2018 for a grooming appointment. When he returned early to pick up her up, Bergeron witnessed Stocking being rough with his pet and began videotaping the incident, Janse said.

    The short recording showed the dog being lifted by the collar and leash, and shows Stocking's hand in the short clip but does not show the contact. Bergeron says the recording ended abruptly when he put his cellphone in his pocket to help his dog, according to his police statement.

    A veterinarian provided an expert witness report which stated the dog needed pain control medication for bruising and lesions suffered around the animal’s neck after the incident. The dog did fully recover.......................
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