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Groomer Offers Drive-up Grooming Under Cover from Weather

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  • Groomer Offers Drive-up Grooming Under Cover from Weather

    St. Charles pet groomer's covered drive-up offers convenient pickup for owners.....................
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    This reminds me of a consultant I did with my mother in Socal in the Nineties. Before the 7 11s and if you were around then in CA, maybe elsewhere, you had those drive up milk stores, under cover. Quick in and out. Probably gave the 7 11 people the idea. Some of those vintage business buildings were retained and we got a consult around Studio City CA with a great couple quite successful in aquarium but they bought the old vintage drive up milk store building. That became their grooming shop extension to the aquarium store next door. No need for more sparking spaces the drive up could hold 4 to 6 cars at once for the grooming, and you know everything is about your car in LA land. It was really fun to visit and still a great idea.