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THE Tear Stain Solution (Brand History of Angel Eyes)

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  • THE Tear Stain Solution (Brand History of Angel Eyes)

    In the pet care market, it’s not often that we see a brand so dominate a particular product category that it is difficult to even think of a single significant competitor. Yet, that is what Angels’ Eyes has almost certainly accomplished with its lineup of tear stain solutions.

    Founded in 2003 by Lynda Winkowski, the company revolutionized how pet owners addressed tear staining on dogs by taking an inside-out approach. It was an innovation that—as is so often the case in this industry—was born out of necessity.

    “We had a little Maltese named Walter who had terrible tear stains,” says Winkowski. “We tried everything, but at the time, the only products on the market were topicals, and they just didn’t work.”

    With a need that clearly wasn’t being met by established products, Winkowski began researching the cause of her dog’s tear stains and realized that treating the problem with topicals was simply the wrong approach. “I saw that it couldn’t just be something in the air that was causing [the tear stains],” she explains. “It had to be coming from the inside.”

    Working closely with veterinarians, Winkowski set out to find an ingestible solution that would tackle the issue internally. She eventually found a mix of ingredients that was effective but “tasted nasty,” so improving palatability was the next challenge. Once that was accomplished, the Angels’ Eyes tear stain solution was ready to go to market.

    With help from her husband Henry, Winkowski began introducing Angels’ Eyes to the industry at the GroomExpo trade show in Hershey, Pa., and quickly realized that she had a winning product on her hands. “We had a great response at our booth,” she remembers. “In fact, a buyer from one of the big chains came by and said our packaging and marketing was wonderful.”

    Building on that first successful outing, Angels’ Eyes continued on to other pet industry trade shows and got the same positive reception each time. The response from retailers and grooming professionals was so good, in fact, that Winkowski had to quickly evolve her production capabilities to keep up with the demand for her product................. continued use link, much more
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