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Groomer Shares Keys to Her Success

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  • Groomer Shares Keys to Her Success

    Pet Age recently spoke with Michelle Franco-Mar, owner of Pooches Corner, to learn what have been the keys to her grooming salon’s success.

    Q What inspired you to open Pooches Corner?
    A When I moved to Harlingen, Texas, 10 years ago, I was looking for a grooming salon where I could take my furry son. I was looking for a clean, friendly place that I felt comfortable leaving him at and where he would be well taken care of. Back then, there were only a couple of grooming shops and I really didn’t feel at all comfortable leaving him at any of them. My mindset was that if I, as a dog owner, couldn’t find a pet grooming place that I could trust with my own dog, neither could other pet parents. After seeing the need for a quality salon, I was inspired to open Pooches Corner.

    Q What are some of the most popular services that you offer?
    A Our Full Grooming Package is by far the most sought-after service at our grooming salon. The grooming service package includes the following: bathing using customized shampoos and conditioners according to the dog’s coat type and color; brushing the dog’s coat to ensure that all matting is taken care of; trimming and filing the nails; cleaning the ears; trimming the sanitary areas of the dog; and cutting and styling the dog according to the breed type and per our clients’ specifications.

    Q What sets Pooches Corner apart from your competition?
    A Our genuine love for dogs. We care for our furry clients’ well-being. Whether it is accommodating a senior dog or a dog with special needs, we extend our love so that every dog’s visit to our salon is as short and pleasant as possible. We strive to provide our human and furry clients with the best customer and grooming service experience. We constantly look for ways to improve our skills so we can stay on top of the latest grooming trends, and that’s why we live by our motto, “We Are Paws Above the Rest.”.....................
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