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Pet Styles Celebrates 30 Years of Pampered Pets

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  • Pet Styles Celebrates 30 Years of Pampered Pets

    For 30 years, Pet Styles has been grooming dogs and cats. For the last 22 of those years, it’s been owned and operated by Kari Halvorson, who has built many relationships and grown the business into an area flagship.

    “We’re kind of the anchor store,” Kari Halvorson said about the business, which is located in the strip mall at 143 Lake St. N.

    Over her years in the business, Halvorson has spent countless hours with people’s pets.

    “I like to groom them all and see the transformation,” Halvorson said. “Each and every dog is beautiful unto themselves; I love to make them beautiful.”

    Halvorson is a certified master groomer and had been grooming pets for seven years in the heart of the Twin Cities before purchasing the business in Forest Lake. She said it takes special skills and traits to groom dogs well.

    Halvorson has always been an animal lover, even wanting to become a veterinarian, but she ultimately decided to pursue grooming.

    “I actually get to spend more time with the animals than if I had become a vet,” she said.

    Her affection for all the animals, and their returned affection, is evident in the many animals she grooms. She said that because she sees the animals so often, they become like her own pets.

    “It’s so fun to see them grow and see them on a regular basis,” she said. “Their deaths are hard for us, too.”

    Halvorson said it takes a specially trained eye and understanding of animal behavior to effectively groom an animal, and that’s something that she’s especially trained herself in since her early years as an animal lover. It’s that understanding that helps her deal with animals who may be frightened or unfamiliar of the process or those that might be facing health struggles.

    Halvorson has been grooming animals around the area for so long that some of her clients are second-generation pet owners – grown-up children of longtime clients, now with their own pets.

    “I’ve been here so long,” she joked. “But it’s fun to see them come in as adults with their own pets.”.........................
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