From Jurassic Bark to Wonderland in fur: Inside the controversial and colorful world of 'creative grooming,' where competitors spend thousands to outrageously style their dogs - and say they get DEATH THREATS from critics of the growing trend
'Creative grooming' features dyeing, cutting and styling a dog's coat into colorful, themed transformations judged in competitions across the globe
Well Groomed, a new documentary from filmmaker Rebecca Stern, follows groomers across the US vying for prizes, often spending thousands of dollars
Arkansas woman Angela Kumpe, an award-winning trailblazer of the trend, says she receives death threats but defiantly says her dogs are happy and loved
A cottage industry has grown up around the practice, as sales spike of dyes, crayons, rhinestones and other 'bling' used to jazz up canines
The practice has previously been banned in places like Boulder, Colorado and Belgium, but states such as Florida have relaxed laws if materials used are safe
Stern tells 'I had no idea, and I think that most people don’t – which is amazing, because it’s just so rife for internet memedom’