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Pet Pampering Has Become Big Business

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  • Pet Pampering Has Become Big Business

    AMPA, Fla. (FOX 13) - Taking a stroll around the neighborhood doesn't always involve a leash for Bailey. Sometimes, she's in a golf cart.

    "If she's out in the golf cart riding around the neighborhood and she doesn't have her bows on, people are like, ‘Where's Bailey's bows?’", said her owner, Suzie Archibald.

    Archibald likes to pamper her 11-year-old fur baby.

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    "What haven't I done? She has five beds, she goes to the groomer once a week, she goes everywhere with us,” Archibald continued.

    Parker Homans is equally crazy about his two rescues, Tiny and Same. In fact, he's made some big life changes because of them.

    "I could just tell immediately that there was no way she was going to live in a condo, so we bought this house and she has almost a half-acre of green space to run around," said Homans. "We have a Ford truck that we have for them. I've seen entire inside of cars completely outfitted for pets."

    "People will spare no expense and will go to far distances to pamper their pets," agreed Gina Lund of Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming. "Now there's everything from pet birthday cakes, you can get a birthday cake for your dog. You can actually get cat sushi. They have actual spa packages to groom your pets you can actually get blueberry facials, you can actually get massage."

    Pet pampering has become a big business. But Archibald and Homans said they get a lot of return in the investment they've made into their four-legged family members

    "I just tend to see more people wanting to do more things because they feel like they just deserve it," said Archibald.

    "I think it's our duty as humans to make sure that they're cared for. Anything with a beating heart deserves a chance at life -- and the best life at that," added Homans.
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