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Pet Groomer Wants Dogs and Cats to Feel at Home

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  • Pet Groomer Wants Dogs and Cats to Feel at Home

    It is home, sweet home, for animals at a new pet grooming salon in Muhlenberg Township.

    Pampered Paws Grooming by Bree was opened on Jan. 16 by Bree Kantner in a converted room inside her home.

    “I didn't want it to feel like a dog salon,” said Kantner, a groomer with eight years of experience who graduated from Muhlenberg High School in 2008. “That way dogs feel like they're going to a home.”

    Kantner remodeled the dining room at the rear of her own house by giving it its own door and an ADA-compliant ramp on the exterior and making the environment soothing for her pet clients on the interior.

    She said she did not want her business to look like every other pet salon.

    “There are pictures on the walls," she said. "Candles are it. The TV is on.”

    With a color theme of green with black accents, Kantner has black blankets decorated with white paw prints in every cage and pet-safe aromatherapy scents and products infusing the space with smells such vanilla and lavender.

    Kantner installed a large professional-grade, stainless-steel pet tub to accommodate all her clients and uses dryers that reduce noise and keep sounds similar to a home setting.

    Assisted by her mother, Maria Davies, Kantner specializes in working with dogs with anxiety issues and strives to create a calm environment to soothe the most frantic animal.

    Davies helps entertain animals prior to the grooming process, and Kantner said pets receive plenty of play time and treats at their appointments and even rewards them with custom-made bow ties.

    Working with pet owners to create a learning experience for both pets and their parents to gain trust in the grooming process is key for Kantner.

    "I love grooming pit bulls," Kantner said. "They're absolutely welcome, even with behavior issues. If you work with the owner, you can really get them to calm down. You can dissolve these issues pretty quickly.”

    Both dogs and cats receive services at Pampered Paws Grooming and Kantner said her client list skyrocketed from 12 customers to 64 in her first two weeks in business, not counting families with multiple pets.

    Services include speciality show and breed standard cuts, bath and brush and full-service grooms including shampoos, ear cleaning and nail clips. Kantner incorporates oatmeal products for animals with sensitive skin and aromatherapeutic scents.

    Developing her own website allows Kantner's pet families to reach out for an appointment and gives her a forum to highlight visits from her pet clients, showcase their bow ties and cuts, and spotlight her own dog, Bentley, a Pomeranian.

    Crediting her success to support from her husband, mother, and best friend, Kantner said her pet clients become her family too.
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