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Pet Owner Ups Creativity in Dog Grooming

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  • Pet Owner Ups Creativity in Dog Grooming (see pictures)

    INDIANAPOLIS( WTHR) — We found some creatively groomed dogs at the Indy Pet Expo this past weekend.

    Mary Milz discovered a Poodle that was groomed to look like a Border Collie.

    The Poodle named Chopper was also groomed to have images in his fur.

    "So the side is a John Deere tractor and that is just represent my parents farm," Chopper's owner said. "They always had John Deere tractors. ... Then the rainbow represents their farm; they're farm is called Rainbow Dairy, so I represent that. And then the woman back here is my mom and then his tail is actually an ear of corn."

    Chopper's owner uses pet-safe dye on him. She said he's very patient and friendly.
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