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Business Close-up: Dandy Dog Pet Grooming

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  • Business Close-up: Dandy Dog Pet Grooming

    When it comes to making pets look their very best, Dandy Dog Pet Grooming in Rhinelander is the place to go. Owned and operated by Jenny Zahner, this business offers customers a variety of pet care services.

    Of course, one very important service offered here is pet grooming. Jenny and Tina Schmidt are professional groomers who have more than five years of experience between them. Jenny has been grooming pets for close to 30 years, Tina for 10 and Cheryl Wedler, the pet bather, has five years of experience.

    These professionals know all the breed-specific cuts in addition to grooming mixed breeds to make them feel and look better. Jenny advises owners of large, hairy breeds to brush them regularly, or have them groomed periodically. “We have been seeing some bigger breed dogs that come in very matted,” she said. “This is very miserable for the dogs, especially this time of year. The hair does not let the animal release heat, which can be detrimental. It’s important to keep a dog’s fur clean and unmated, no matter what breed they are.”

    Jenny advises that people apply tick and flea medication as soon as possible if their animal is outdoors a lot. “Some owners wait until after they get their dog groomed, but we advise to get the medication on right away,” she said. “This year has been horrible for ticks and we have been seeing lots of dogs come in covered with them.”

    In addition to a professional haircut, dogs get a bath, ear cleaning and a toenail trim. If requested, Jenny will also use veterinarian-prescribed medicated shampoo on a dog after it is trimmed. Difficult dogs are no problem as these professionals know how to work with an animal to accomplish a good cut.

    Custom cuts are also available between trims. “Many times, owners just want the face, feet or the belly of a dog trimmed between cuts and we are more than happy to do that,” Jenny said. Toenail trims for dogs of every breed are also offered here.

    Other pets catered to at Dandy Dog Pet Grooming include cats. The staff will not bathe cats, although haircuts are offered. Jenny also has experience trimming bunny, lizard and bird toenails as well. She has even trimmed a bird beak or two. Jenny and her staff will also help with applying ear and eye drops.

    For those living within the city of Rhinelander, pick-up and delivery of pets is also offered. Dogs dropped off in the morning are normally ready to go by early afternoon. Plan on calling a week ahead of time to get the appointment that will best fit into a schedule, especially during the warmer months.

    Dandy Dog Pet Grooming is located at 91 Courtney St. in Rhinelander. It is open from 7:30 a.m. until the last dog is finished, usually around 2:30 to 3 p.m. Saturday grooming is available by request. The phone number is (715) 369-5112 and Dandy Dog also has a Facebook page.
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