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Pet Groomer Indicated on Cruelty Charges

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  • Pet Groomer Indicated on Cruelty Charges

    A Morgan County grand jury has indicted a Hartselle businesswoman on animal cruelty charges, according to the Morgan County District Attorney’s Office.

    Alexandria Alana Holland, 27, 16050 American Way, Lot E, Athens, was indicted on five counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. Holland operated a pet grooming, training and sitting business, The Dog House of Alabama at 8 Tapscott Road, Hartselle, in November when the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office received complaints about possible abuse and neglect.

    The sheriff said the initial complaint came in Nov. 10. Responding deputies found three dogs that appeared to have died after starving to death and three other dogs that appeared to have survived by eating the remains of the other dogs, according to Sheriff Ana Franklin’s office............
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    What does an abusive groomer look like?

    One my groomers saw this article and the first thing she said was surprised. I asked at what? She said, she doesn't look like someone who would abuse pets.

    Well what does one look like?

    She said she thought they would have a mean look.

    Is there a look? I don't think so really.


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      Their spouse good and badd news on this article. The good news as she lives in Georgia and because we have ag department control over dog grooming facilities she'll never own another one. It won't stop her from working and won but shall never own 1. The bad news is I know someone who has a lot more felony charges against him who only did 1 and a 1/2 years after 8 dogs died. So the odds of her getting more than 6 months to a year are slim unless the laws of changed or the Judge is a lot stricter. I'd like to know the rest of the story because there's a lot missing
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