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Groomer Cuts Dog Tongue Makes News

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  • Groomer Cuts Dog Tongue Makes News

    A 4-year-old dog nearly lost her tongue as employees at a PetSmart store in Compton were grooming her.

    July, a Yorkshire Terrier, has the distinctive trait of keeping her tongue out. It's part of what owner Cynthia Beezer loves about the little dog.

    "That was her signature when I got her," said Beezer. "That's what made me buy her because I was like, 'Oh my God, she’s so cute and unique!'"

    Beezer said the dog had blood all over her paws and feet, and that the tongue was hanging off.................
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    First...this is awful. Second I feel horrible for the groomer. They probably feel rotten.

    I wonder if they can sew it together? Does anyone know, if it's that bad can it be stitched? I think I'll google that.

    Knock on wood.. I hope I never nick a tongue. I do a few Yorkies that are like squirrels on crack.. and I won't go near their faces with scissors.. no way. I use clippers and tell the owner that's the best I can do.
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