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It's just as important to have the right pet stylist for your dog as it is to have a good hairstylist for yourself! There's nothing worse than a bad haircut.

In LA, there are many who are always on the go from one appointment to the next. Luckily, mobile grooming companies have been popping up here, there and everywhere; making it easier for people who bring their pets to work or don't have the time to take their beloved dog to the groomer, to have their pets groomed

Our pet reporting team has featured the top groomers on-the-go this summer! Casper the Maltese met with Marilou Lekanne Vaquer, co-owner of the delightful Doggie's Groom Mobile. She is a talented pet stylist with over twenty years of experience styling with co-owner Beatriz Vaquer. After moving from Miami to LA, the duo have built a successful business over the past year.

Marilou gave a stylish cut that enhanced Casper's beautiful Maltese fluff! Clean, efficient and friendly, Doggie's Groom Mobile has made it on LATF's top mobile groomer's list!

Casper barked some questions Marilou's way. Read all about their story...

How did you get started in the dog grooming business?..............................