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Make Safety Top Priority for Pets Human in Grooming

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  • Make Safety Top Priority for Pets Human in Grooming

    It’s easy to get lost in the whirlwind of new and improved pet care products, services and equipment when deciding what is hot and what’s not in the pet care industry. However, there is something important and necessary they all have in common: safety. If a product, service or piece of equipment is not safe to be used for/on a pet, it stands very little chance of making it to the stores or grooming salons.

    Beware of Bites
    When it comes to keeping humans safe around dogs, keeping dogs safe from consuming foreign objects or challenging their impulse control these days, one of the most oft used safety tools is the muzzle. However, muzzles often get a bad rap. For some, negative reviews may be hard to explain away. For others, though, the proof is in the pudding, and the stigma can quickly be erased.

    One such muzzle is the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle by The Company of Animals.

    “Unlike traditional muzzles, the Baskerville Ultra is uniquely designed to allow dogs to eat, drink, pant and play while wearing their muzzle,” said Bianca Rossi, head of Marketing, Americas.

    One of the most innovative features of the Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is that it “can be molded to match each dog’s unique profile,” according to Rossi. “Made from durable yet malleable TPR, it can be submerged in hot water and shaped to provide optimal comfort and fit for your dog’s face and nose...........use link, longer article
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