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Family Says Dog Attack Could Have Been Prevented - Groomer May Go Out of Business?

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  • Family Says Dog Attack Could Have Been Prevented - Groomer May Go Out of Business?

    The state is investigating after two dogs mauled a smaller one at a local kennel.

    The dog that was attacked was killed, and the owners of the two dogs that delivered the attack ended up putting their pets down as well.

    It happened at Fancy Feet Professional Pet Grooming in Vernon, and now the family of the smaller dog wants to raise awareness, and say this could have been prevented.

    “My mom is literally devastated. She had that dog for 10 years, it was her best friend in the world,” said Kristina Perleoni.

    When animals are dropped off, pet owners expect they’ll be returned safe and sound. But that didn’t happen when Perleoni’s mom took Harlee, the family’s 12-pound Papillion, to Fancy Feet in Vernon.

    “When you handle people’s dogs you should be more responsible,” Perleoni said.

    The family alleges a gate was left open and that allowed two pit bulls, who were also housed there, to attack.

    “If that mistake wasn’t made, this wouldn’t have happened and I would still have my dog here,” Perleoni said.

    Vernon police confirmed the incident and said the state animal control is investigating.

    Channel 3 went to Fancy Feet and the owners did not want to speak on camera. The owner was distraught and apologetic, saying this was a terrible accident.

    However, they are denying the gate was left open. They said the dogs were too strong and broke out of their cage.

    According to the Perleoni’s, the pit bull owners were remorseful and decided to put their dogs down.

    “I saw the emotion in their eyes and heard their voices, I could tell they felt super bad about the situation,” Perleoni said.

    As the investigation continues, the family wants the state to examine the training of the staff.

    “I feel in that circumstance, people should know what to do,” Perleoni said.

    The owner said she’s been on the receiving end of harassing phone calls and negative Yelp reviews. She says she’s so distraught over this tragedy, she’s considering closing the business.
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