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  • Cheryl's is Home of Love, Passion and Skill

    How did this business get started? “We are a family business and a full-service pet groomer,” said Cheryl Fitch, owner of Cheryl’s Best Friend’s Pet Grooming on South Reilly Road. “My two sons and one of my daughters all help with the business. Eric has been the business manager since 2014, but he worked with me a long time before that. Anton handles the maintenance, painting and lawn care. My daughter, Carissa, helped me to get the business started in 2010. She began as a dog-bather and dog-brusher, but will now be helping us with our creative design and social media needs. After our first three or four months in business, I was able to hire my first groomer. We have an awesome groom team now of five groomers and two pet-bathers on staff. We have wonderful clients, too, who trust us to care for their pets. One of them helped us to find our current business location on Reilly Road, for which we are grateful.”

    Why did you choose this business? “I learned how to groom pets where I previously worked, at All About Pets, a grooming service that was in Fayetteville. I enjoyed it and eventually decided to open up my own pet grooming service.”

    What are your most popular services? “We are a full-service salon with a hydro-surge bathing system for pets. Our full-service grooming package is our most popular service. The cost varies according to the breed and the condition of the coat. When we first opened I decided to offer everything — a complete service — in one package. It makes it easier on the client, and it is the best grooming option for the pet. All grooming includes a bath with conditioning, a haircut, a blow-dry and brush-out styling, a facial, a nail trim, and we finish with doggie cologne and a bow or bandanna, and a photograph. We offer customers a variety of pet shampoo options that include medicated, oatmeal and flea bath shampoos.

    “Stand-alone nail trims is also a popular service. It costs $10. Walk-in service is welcome and there is usually no wait time for that. We also offer do-it-yourself bathing and grooming, for $15, which is available daily until 2 p.m.”.....................
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.