BENEZETTE — Lisa Shook is no stranger to dogs — she’s been grooming them since 1981.

She started out when a friend asked her to come help, and she continued to learn from there.

In 2001, she went mobile — but that was in Maryland. She recently sold that business and used the money to buy the truck for the new one.

It opened just two weeks ago — Lisa’s Pooch Parlor on Wheels.

She said her favorite part of the job is the dogs, adding “I’m an animal lover.”

As for the dogs, their least favorite part is drying, Shook said that’s because it’s loud, confusing to them, and takes the longest amount of time of the process.

She also loves the mobile part of the business, although she says the model is different in this area because of the weather and the distance needed to travel to get to clients.

She is currently servicing Johnsonburg, Ridgway, St. Marys, Emporium, Kersey, Brockway, Penfield, Force, Weedville, Benezette, Driftwood, Sinnemahoning, Penfield, Treasure Lake, DuBois, Rockton, Clearfield, Lecontes Mills, Frenchville, and Karthaus.

“People are calling me from everywhere,” Shook said with surprise, adding that she’s hardly advertised other than on Facebook.

When it comes to dog grooming, she said she prefers small dogs, but said clients can feel free to contact her and talk about what they need.