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Dog Fight at Pet Store Leaves Beagle Dead

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  • Dog Fight at Pet Store Leaves Beagle Dead

    SAGINAW COUNTY, Mich. (WNEM) – Authorities are investigating a dog fight at a local PetSmart that left a beagle dead.

    It happened just before 2 p.m. Tuesday, July 3 at the PetSmart on Tittabawassee Road in Saginaw Township.

    Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl said a woman with a pit bull was walking out of the store after the dog received grooming. At the same time, an owner and a beagle were walking into the store.

    The two dogs had a violent confrontation, Pussehl said. The owner of the pit bull suffered bite wounds to the hand while trying to break the dogs apart. The other owner was not injured.

    The beagle was taken to the in-store veterinary clinic where it had to be put down due to its injuries, according to police.

    Pussehl said a groomer at the store told investigators the pit bull had “old fighting injuries” around its face.

    “It does show there was a previous incident. But we don’t have any factual information to show was it a wild animal that attacked the dog or was it another dog that attacked the pit bull,” Pussehl said.

    The pit bull’s owner was cited for violating the township’s vicious dog ordinance, Pussehl said.

    PetSmart issued a statement on Thursday saying, “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Greta as a result of the incident.” They added their thoughts are with Greta’s owners during this difficult time.

    News of the attack has other pet owners worried.

    “I think that’s very scary, extremely scary. Because you don’t expect that to happen randomly in the parking lot with your dog,” said Shelley Mayle, pet owner.

    It’s a harsh reminder to owners to always be aware of your surroundings.

    “I know dogs are unpredictable though in certain situations. I think it’s maybe just having better handle of your dog, knowing what you can and can’t do,” Mayle said.

    Sandy Owehus, another pet owner, agrees with her. Owehus knows a thing or two about pit bulls because her kids own them.

    “They all have pit bulls and the biggest thing they can do is probably lick you to death,” Owehus said.

    She said they do need proper training though.

    “They need to understand how to keep it under control, how to train it and how to make it behave,” Owehus said.
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    I'm sad to hear about the poor beagle, but it is refreshing to hear that the tone of the article isn't "OMG pitublls are vicious monsters that are coming for your children!!" and more about owners having a responsibility to pay attention to their dogs and keep them out of potentially dangerous situations.


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      Agreed, of my 3 dogs only one is reactive and when I have my reactive dog out anywhere I am HYPER aware of everything going on around us. She's making so much progress and it requires more work but it is what it is.

      With my other 2 I'm aware of where they are and what's going on but I can feel my brain working harder when I work with my reactive girl, if that makes any sense.

      I own 2 pit-bull type dogs, one a 100lb purebred, blue nose AM Staff (Adopted her from my tattoo artist-He recently had a baby with his wife, she is a needy dog!) and a 60lb pit/greyhound cross. The latter of these is the reactive one, very, very abused as a puppy...We're working on it.


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        Really sad and I'm sorry for the owners of the beagle.

        However.. quoting from the article..

        “I think that’s very scary, extremely scary. Because you don’t expect that to happen randomly in the parking lot with your dog,” said Shelley Mayle, pet owner.

        No.. you SHOULD expect random things to happen and be cautious when you are in a pet store that allows pets! Common sense.. keep YOUR dog away from other dogs, keep your OWN face and fingers from strange dogs.. ask permission to pet the dog. A friend of mine who is a GSD breeder just got a puppy back from a guy because he took it to a pet store, put it on the ground and the puppy got parvo. And so common sense goes out the window.. where is it this owner thinks most diseases are? On the floor of a pet store, vet place.. don't put your barely vaccinated puppy ON THE FLOOR. People are driving me crazy. So I'm sorry the dog is dead, but common sense should have been used by both owners and neither dog should have been near the other one.
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