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How to Prepare a Puppy for Upcoming Grooming

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  • How to Prepare a Puppy for Upcoming Grooming

    How to Prepare a Puppy for Upcoming Grooming Procedures
    As you know, grooming is not only important for the pet, but for you and your homes as well! So bathing your dog and grooming different areas of their body is much more important than you think.

    1. Start With A Gentle Bath
    Start preparing your pooch for regular baths when he/she is young. Bathing is crucial as it removes any unpleasant odors and the dirty layer of their coat. It also helps remove loose hair and debris, which can bring out the coat’s natural shine.

    2. Talk With Pets
    To reduce any of your pet’s fears, make them believe that it’s safe to be groomed and these procedures will not harm them. To acclimate your pets with the grooming process, look into their eyes and talk them through the process. For example, you can tell them how brave they are, and promise them a reward or treat after completion.

    3. Initiate Grooming With Brushing
    Brushing keeps the coat clean and maintains its good condition by removing any matted or knotted hair. This way, you’ll familiarize them with the use of combs or brushes. So to prepare a puppy for grooming, we should start brushing them on a daily basis and eventually move forward with other grooming procedures.

    Dog breeds like poodles and Afghan hounds particularly need regular brushing because of their heavy fur coats..............
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