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New Groomers Offer Shiney Hiney

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  • New Groomers Offer Shiney Hiney

    SPRING VALLEY — Yes. The Shiny Hiney is really the name of Shelly and Bruce Skindelien’s new dog grooming business.

    From golden doodles to Yorkshire terriers, the Skindeliens of rural Spring Valley love all dogs — perhaps golden retrievers as an “absolute favorite,” according to Shelly. So it makes sense that they have opened a new dog grooming service at 142 N. Broadway Ave. in downtown Spring Valley.

    The longtime dog owners have groomed all their children’s pets, but never really planned to open a 1,900-square-foot business. Admittedly, there was a bit of a learning curve.

    “Doing the finesse stuff, that we didn’t know,” Shelly admitted. “We didn’t know how to do the different feet cuts for different poodles, and different breeds have different cuts. All dogs have different fur types, and there’s even hairless dogs. I don’t know what we’ll do for a hairless dog.”

    Since their grand opening on March 12, Shelly and Bruce have seen more than 100 dogs at their salon, which is open four days a week by appointment.

    Most of their clients are smaller breeds, such as dachshunds and Pomeranians, but the couple recently worked with a golden doodle that took about four hours to completely groom.

    “The positioning of the dog is the most important thing,” Shelly said. “The hardest thing to learn was to position the dogs to shave or trim them. Almost every dog does not like their front paws touched while trimming hair out of their pads. They’ll whine and try to lie down. It’s primal instinct to protect their feet.”

    About 30 years ago, the Skindeliens’ springer spaniel came home from the groomers and prompted Bruce to say, “Woah, that’s one shiny hiney!” That led to an endless stream of jokes about one day opening up a pet grooming business under that moniker.

    Then the opportunity came.

    “We’ve been living here for about 15 years,” Shelly said. “Small towns are shriveling up business-wise, and we want to keep the business here. We’re such a small town. You get to know everyone, and everyone’s been overwhelmingly supportive, from the city hall to the EDA to the business down the street.”

    “We told our kids about the opportunity, and they said, ‘No, Daddy’s kidding,’” Shelly said. “But we were serious. The kids eventually got behind us 100 percent and it turned into what it is.”

    Shelly and Bruce work together. Bruce bathes and dries the pups, and Shelly does the cuts.

    “It’s really hard not to love these dogs. ...They’re so loyal and filled with unconditional love,” Shelly said. “They’re the first one sitting at the door. When (dogs) hear their owners come in, they go crazy, and when the owners come we let them run to their owners. They’re so excited to see them and they love them so much.”

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