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Local Pet Groomer Has a Knack for Plants

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  • Local Pet Groomer Has a Knack for Plants

    A large storefront window with a south exposure is proving to be a thriving environment for a fruit plant.

    Tangerines are growing in the window of Kennel Klub pet grooming on Lake Street in Chisholm. Jeff Thornton, groomer and shop owner, said the plant was dropped off by one of his customers. The tree produces fruit every couple of years, from what the guy told him.

    Fruit growing in the front window of the shop tends to attract attention from people passing by. In years past, he had a dwarf orange tree.

    For around 15 years now, Thornton’s been growing plants in his shop. There are some flowering plants, a cactus and several varieties of trees and house plants.

    The tangerine tree is taller than 5 feet and is at least a few feet wide. Thornton said he typically waters it it a couple times a week and also fertilizes it.

    When full grown, the tangerines on Thornton’s tree are around the size of a quarter. He grows them for ornamental purposes.

    There are more than 20 of the small fruit growing on the upper branches alone. Several more can be seen on the lower branches, from the outside of the shop.
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