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Get your pet’s hiney shiny in Spring Valley

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  • Get your pet’s hiney shiny in Spring Valley

    We all love our pets and we love them even more when they are squeaky clean and sporting a new haircut. There is a new business in Spring Valley, Minn., that will pamper your pet while giving them a makeover.

    The Shiny Hiney is now open at 142 N. Broadway in Spring Valley. Owners of the full service dog grooming business, Bruce and Shelly Skindelien, are very excited to greet pets and their owners to their new shop.

    When asked why they wanted to open a dog grooming business Bruce stated, “We’ve always trimmed our own dogs,” and they thought about someday opening a business. “This opportunity was available here,” he said, and they thought now would be a good time to take the leap, to the surprise of their grown children who had never taken their parents’ idea too seriously.

    “The Shiny Hiney came from years back when we had an English Springer and she would come back from the groomer,” Bruce explains. Bruce always would tell his kids he was going to have a business someday called The Shiny Hiney but they kind of thought he was just joking around.

    When the Skindelien’s recently told their family, including children Andy, 38, Liz, 36, and Silke, 29, and their two grandchildren that they were going to open The Shiny Hiney they didn’t believe them at first, but when they realized it was true they became very supportive.

    “The kids are behind us 100%,” states Shelly, saying they have been lots of support through the process. They have stepped up and helped out a lot, notes Shelly.

    Dog trainer and owner of Ladd K9, Carla Ladd, who initially started a dog grooming business in the building in 2011, is now helping the Skindelien’s get their business up and running smoothly while providing helpful training and tips on grooming dogs.

    Although the space was used for a dog grooming business in the past, it was in need of some improvements and the Skindelien’s wanted to add their own personal touch.

    The First State Bank of Spring Valley, who owns the building, installed all new flooring, ceiling tiles and lighting fixtures, which was a vast improvement.

    In December 2017 and January 2018 the Skindelien’s began their part of the remodeling project. Bruce re-plumbed much of the space and together they built the desk area and painted the rooms in wonderfully bright and colorful hues, then added a wood pallet wall and trim that Shelly then washed with accent colors, which really sets a relaxed mood.

    New equipment was brought in, such as a large state-of-the-art bathtub and grooming areas were set up with the dogs’ comfort in mind.

    “It evolved into a fun atmosphere,” comments Shelly, which is what they wanted to create for their customers. Now that the work is complete they are excited to be opening the doors of The Shiny Hiney to new customers. “We are looking forward to meeting people and meeting dogs,” states Shelly.

    As the couple currently have other jobs, Bruce works for the Goodin Company which is a distributer in the heating, cooling and piping industry, and Shelly works part time at the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Office working as dispatch, 911 operator and doing office work, The Shiny Hiney will be open by appointment only for the foreseeable future.

    “This will be my retirement career,” says Bruce. “We are really going to like it I think,” states Shelly, as they both enjoy working with dogs and meeting people.

    Services offered at The Shiny Hiney includes a bath and nails done, or a Bath and Trim which includes a bath, blow-dry, brush-out, trimming of face and feet, nail trim and ear cleaning, or you can give your dog the works with the Full Clip that includes a bath, blow-dry, brush-out, full body clip, nail trim and ears cleaned.

    Add-ons such as nail polish, shedding treatment and blueberry facials are also available. The Shiny Hiney does not offer boarding of animals.

    Currently The Shiny Hiney does not carry any product lines or merchandise as Shelly explains, “We are going to focus on the dog grooming right now,” but says down the road they may have products available.

    The Skindelien’s certainly have a fondness for dogs, as they state on their website,, “We have been life-long dog lovers,” adding, “even when they pee on the carpet or bark on the couch,” they still love them as all of us dog lovers can relate to.

    And when your dog loving friends ask who your groomer is you can say “I got mine at the Shiny Hiney!” which is the motto of the business.
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