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Story of a Cat Rescue.........

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  • Story of a Cat Rescue.........

    Lucky Paws Kitty Rescue is feeding, sterilizing and rehoming stray cats and helping keep them from becoming a public nuisance
    BURGEO, NL – Burgeo’s stray cats unexpectedly caught a break almost two months ago when a trio of women launched Lucky Paws Kitty Rescue.

    Backed by what they call an overwhelming amount of local support and with help from Scaredy Cat Rescue in Corner Brook, Karen Hare, Kerri Green and Winter Janes are taking a pro-active approach to nuisance cats by trying to save them.

    “The three of us are from Burgeo and we’ve been talking about it on and off – I’d say about a year,” said Hare via telephone interview.

    The townspeople of Burgeo have long been worried about the cats and Janes had already taken it upon herself to feed them when she could.

    “For the past three or four years I’ve been rescuing them and finding homes for the little baby kittens,” said Janes.

    One of the group’s goals is to get a better idea of just how many stray cats are roaming the Burgeo area. Currently they have estimated about 25 cats, but some are visibly pregnant.

    Then there are other cats some locals are caring for on their own, usually by putting out shelter and feeding them regularly.

    “That doesn’t count the dump cats,” said Hare...............
    Coordinators post updates to the message for grooming events, members contests, Classified Ads, GroomerTALK Radio shows and Magazine online.