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All Fur Paws Downtown Pawsome New Pet Salon

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  • All Fur Paws Downtown Pawsome New Pet Salon


    Although the shop may be small, the love for animals that bursts from the walls of All Fur Paws is larger than life. Rhiana Gallagher moved to Fargo with her husband this fall and opened up her shop in October at 12 Broadway N., offering quality grooming services to dogs, cats and more. But it’s about a lot more than just giving the pooches of Fargo a good scrub.

    All Fur Paws sign

    “I want to support people taking good care of their pets. Their health is so important and grooming is part of that. You have to cater to people to help them. I just want to help people and their animals,” said Gallagher.

    Rhiana Gallagher of All Fur Paws
    Rhiana Gallagher, owner and pet stylist of All Fur Paws.

    Dog at all fur paws
    Harkin, Gallagher’s dog, who helps at the shop.

    Gallagher grew up in rural Minnesota and always had an innate love for animals. When her family moved to Fosston, Minn., when she was 16 years old, Gallagher got a job as an assistant at the small-town vet shop that she never thought would lead to a full-time grooming career.

    “I was very fortunate to kind of fall into this. After a few years they called me up one day and said their groomer quit and they wanted me to step in, I was around 18 or 19. The technician, who I loved, taught me what I know and we went from there,” said Gallagher. “I got to learn in a really safe environment. They sent me to some seminars. After 6 years of working for them I decided to start my own thing out of my home.”

    Gallagher then started her grooming business out of a room in her trailer house in her early 20s, and when she got married and started to service more animals, her shop had to be moved to the garage. Gallagher and her husband, who works in construction, had talked about ultimately making a move somewhere else and eventually the pieces came together for that somewhere else to be Fargo.

    “I had such a supportive client base and it was really heartbreaking to leave them, so I was initially going to schedule a couple of days to drive to Fosston and work really hard for two or three days and stay at my parents, then come home. It was okay, but I didn’t want to do it in the winter. I only did it for two months,” she said.

    On a whim, Gallagher decided to look into spaces and I found her current spot, which is owned by the same couple who owns the space that The Red Silo occupies, and everything fell into place wonderfully. Despite the giant tub and shower system that had to be installed, Gallagher said everything came together rather smoothly..............
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